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Advice for exercising after a breast augmentation

People who get breast augmentation surgery obviously want to look their best. It is also common for these patients to be concerned about their health and fitness. If you are passionate about working out, then you might have questions about exercising after getting breast augmentation surgery sydney.


While it’s important for you to remain active and be physically active, it’s also equally important to give your body time to recover. Give yourself time for healing. Although the recovery period after breast surgery is short, about four to six weeks, it’s still crucial to treat your body with extra care and avoid strenuous activities that might cause harm to your new breasts. 

Here are some guidelines regarding exercising after breast augmentation surgery.

Staying active

During the first few days after surgery, you should take a lot of rest in order to give time to your body to repair its broken tissues. Resting doesn’t necessarily mean lying in bed the whole day. It’s still important to move your body by doing light activities like short and slow walks and a few stretches. Sitting or lying too long is not good as it can prevent your blood from flowing. If this happens, there is a high chance of you getting a blood clot. To avoid this, your surgeons will recommend you to get up and move around during the first two weeks after surgery. 

Be cautious on your arm movement during this period. You are advised to move your arms in full motion and do the usual things you do like combing your hair, washing your face or reaching for something. However, you should do these with comfort. You need to be comfortable doing things with your hand and make sure you do not overdo it. The reason why you need to move your arm in full motion is to avoid shoulder stiffness. 

During your follow up appointments, talk with your doctor and have a clear understanding of resuming your physical activities.

Light exercise

After two weeks of post-surgery, you will be able to do light exercises and increase your heart rate. Light cardio exercises such as stationary biking or walking on an inclined treadmill are great exercises that will help you get your body moving again. Strenuous activities like swimming, push-up or heavy lifting are still to be avoided. Also, avoid exercises that will require too much breast movement as this can be bad for your breasts. No matter how eager you are to get back to your previous work out routine, you should still be mindful of your activities and know your limits. Taking things slow is best to ensure that you are safe and you’ll have long-lasting results. 

Full fitness exercise

After six weeks from your surgery, you may be allowed to go back to your workout routine. You may be allowed to do most if not all of your activities. This includes weightlifting, swimming, running, yoga, pilates, etc. Reaching the 6th-week stage is still not an assurance that you can go back to doing strenuous activities. It’s still important to consult your doctor and wait for them to clear you for these types of exercises. It is best if you talk with your doctor to ensure your safety and so you will be aware of the risks associated with doing certain exercises. 

As you can see, there are factors involved before you can do exercise after your breast augmentation surgery. Some of these included your new breast size, the placement of your implants and your current state. You should always discuss with your doctor your concerns so they can help you evaluate the kind of exercise that you can do without the risks. 

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